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Hobee's Quest: Over Mt. Tomtoo


Hobee’s Quest: Over Mt. Tomtoo

In Book One of the Series, Thirteen font chapter books for Ages 8 and up. Hobee who is half duck and half mouse and Bobit a flying squirrel help others along the way in their search for others like Hobee. They end up finding the Pauper Babies and clues left by the Marching Rodent Explores and find other unique animals in their exploration. He explores his own small island and doesn’t find anyone like him self and starts to wonder about other places. (Theme Indifference) 240pages

Hobee's Quest Books at Author House

Hobee's Quest: Goes Abroad



Hobee’s Quest: Goes Abroad

In Book Two of the Series, Hobee sets sail aboard a ship in search of others like himself. The ship runs into a storm and has to dock on a small island for repairs. That is when Hobee and Bobit find out that the islanders there all have a Greed problem and don’t like to share with others. Along the way they find more clues left by the Marching Rodent Explores. After they helped them with their problems, they have to seek help when their ship sailed off without them. (Theme Greed) 248pages

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Hobee's Quest: In the Deep


Hobee’s Quest: In the Deep

In Book Three of the Series, Hobee has to ask the Head Tool Teeker D.J. for help when their ship sails off without them. The Teekers make Hobee and Bobit a wooden submarine to continue Hobee Quest. They find the Skoodaddles and help them with their Bully problems with some sharks and learn about the Gates of Ambiguous, as they find other clues left by the Marching Rodent Explores and more about the Pauper Babies and the deep sea.              (Theme Bullies) 333pages

Synergy, Book 4 of Hobee's Quest


Chapter # 50

Scaring a Bully

            Once the Pirate ships were in site, everyone started to get ready. “Bobit, I thank you should be in the Grappler chair waving the claws around like a scary monster,” suggested Hobee, “and Elbert, you take Bobit’s place on the bicycle and turn the outside lights on only.”

            Bobit put the cheater pin in the handlebar before he left. That way Elbert wouldn’t have to steer and peddle. Then he went to the Grappler like Hobee had asked. Elbert took Bobit’s place on the bicycle and turned on the out side lights as Hobee positioned the cycle – sub between the Pirate ships and the smaller Smooth-skin ship.

            “Okay Elbert, take us up to where the outside lights are just about a foot below the water. That way our lights will look like glowing eyes to the Pirates,” stated Hobee.

Elbert pulled the air tank lever slowly so that cycle-sub would gently rise a foot below the surface. In the background, vibrating through the sub, you could hear Bobit moving the Grappler arms and the sound of the claws opening and closing.

            Once the cycle – sub was in position, Hobee started to zig and zag towards the Pirates trying to get them to see the tiny sub that was camouflaged. But the Pirates didn’t see the tiny little wooden sub bouncing between the waves.

            “I’m going to turn around and make another pass,” announced Hobee, as he started to turn the sub around.

While Hobee was turning the sub around, Bobit in a panicky voice said, “Oh no, we have three Dolphins coming up behind us Hobee!”

“We don’t need three playful Dolphins again right now,” incited Hobee.  

            “Not so fast you two. The three trailing dolphins could be a good thing,” announced Elbert, “it could give us the allusion that we are longer than we really are to the Pirates.”

            Hobee thought for a moment and then added as he handed Elbert his flashlight, “Hold this flashlight up to the periscope as we make our next pass. That way it will look like we have three eyes instead of two, and hold the Grapplers arms higher out of the water this time Bobit with more arm waving and claw action.”

“Okay Hobee,” replied Bobit as he razed the Grappler arms higher out of the water.  

            “Here we go for another pass Elbert so peddle as hard as you can,” said Hobee as he started to peddle towards the Pirate ships with the three Dolphins right behind them.

            Once again Hobee zag and he zag in front of the Pirate ships, but they were too small to be seen in the high seas.

            Hobee called out to Elbert, “Quickly, let’s trade places for a moment. Just zig and zag around, but stay out of the way of the Pirate ships,” sounded Hobee.

Elbert took Hobee’s seat and Hobee went to the top hatch and opened it up. He then stuck his head out just long enough to let out one of his loud Squawking sound in order to get the Pirates attention. Then he quickly shut the hatch before too much water splashed into the cycle - sub.

“Now let’s trade back Elbert,” said Hobee as he started to walked back towards the front of the sub.

They both went back to their bicycles as everyone looked in anticipation to see if the Pirates had seen or heard Hobee’s loud squawking.

            Sure enough they did. The Pirates started to gather along the railings in order to get a glimpse of the Sea Monster. Hobee, Bobit and Elbert all saw Pirates pointing at the small eerie sub and its three glowing eyes with two large claws that appeared to have four dorsal fins including the three dolphin’s dorsal fins that were following the cycle - sub.

            Soon there were Pirates gathering along the railings of both ships pointing at the long Sea Monster. 

The Pirates broke off their chase because they though the cycle – sub and the three other Dolphins were all part of one large Sea Monster. Hobee, Bobit, and Elbert all started to laugh with a sigh of relief that they head scared off two Smooth – skin Pirate ships by fooling them.

            As the Pirates were leaving, Bobit in a loud voice said, “Don’t pick on others smaller than you. They just might unite together!”

            Once the two Pirates ships broke off their attack, the other smaller smooth - skin ship turned towards land and resumed its course at a fast pace. Hobee and the others resumed their course as well towards land.

            After a while, one of the Smooth – skin aboard the ship started to point at the cycle – sub and its glowing eyes that were following them.  

Then the Smooth – skins aboard the ship started to fill the deck of the ship with on-lookers. Next they started to speed up to out run the glowing eyed Sea Monster.

            “I thank the Smooth – skins aboard the ship think we’re a Sea Monster too Bobit,” suggested Hobee, “we better dive down deeper, and out of sight.”  

Bobit got up from the Grappler and relieved Elbert on the bicycle and pulled the lever so the sub would dive. He then pulled the cheater pin out of his handlebars.

“We better try and wash away some of our camouflage,” stated Elbert. “You think we should turn off the outside lights too Hobee,” asked Bobit? “Yes, turn them off too,” answered Hobee.

Slowly the cycle – sub started to dive deeper into the sea and out of site of the Smooth - skins.

“That was pretty easy, scaring those Pirates - wasn’t it,” rejoiced Bobit with a smile and a snicker.

“Everything is easier when you use team work. Also, a small thanks goes out to those Dolphins for following us. Yep, everything worked out just find,” chimed in Elbert.

“Come on Bobit, let’s do some twists and turns to get some of this grass and seaweed off,” voiced Hobee.

Hobee and Bobit started to do some twists and turns as they whirled through the Sea like a fish with out a care in the world.

 Coming Soon

New Picture Book: Quisitive Quade

 This is a delightful picture Book that tells a story about a very inquisitive Pug Pup. Each book tells a different story about things that have cought Quisitive Quade's attention.


"Everything was a new adventure and a wonder to be solved, and anything from a curiously folded blanket - to a strangly wrapped box." 


 Art work done by: Sharon Hatter of Sun Hat Enterprises


title Hobee's Quest: Synergy (Book four)

Just went to the Publisher and should be out soon!